Partner with the Seventh Annual Plutus Awards at #FinCon16

Once again, we’re excited to announce that the Plutus Awards will be held at FinCon. We’re hard at work on the Ceremony, and working on the nominating process. In the coming weeks, we will accept applications for the Blogger Panel, and before you know it, we’ll be accepting nominations.

We are proud of the legacy the Plutus Awards is building and excited to see how this year shapes up. This is one of the premier events for personal finance bloggers, podcasters, and videographers. Over the years, we’ve built a community of influencers that reaches millions of consumers every day.

Our show is made possible by the efforts of our volunteers, by the independent financial content creators, and by the partners that join us in ensuring that we can create a great community event for everyone.

Not only do we expect to present the Seventh Annual Plutus Awards live in front of FinCon’s biggest audience yet, but we also expect other bloggers and influencers to follow the event online through social media and by other means. Last year, the entire show was Periscoped and shared in other ways. Partner with the Seventh Annual Plutus Awards at FinCon16 and be a part of the excitement.

We’re already excited to announce that State Farm will be our headlining partner this year, and Fidelity will be a producing partner. Trophy sponsorships are already being claimed as well. There are plenty of ways to be involved. View our partnership opportunities online, and contact Miranda Marquit (mirandamarquit @ gmail . com) for more information.

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