Join the Plutus Awards Blogger Panel

Every year, a panel of Plutus Awards peers reviews the nominations and selects the finalists. This Blogger Panel is essential in the success of the Plutus Awards every year.

J.D. Roth, Jim Wang, Luke Landes [via Philip Taylor / Flickr]

J.D. Roth, Jim Wang, Luke Landes [via Philip Taylor / Flickr]

Serving on the Plutus Awards Blogger Panel is a great way to connect with others in personal finance media, and to offer your two cents and participate in celebrating the best in personal finance.

The Plutus Awards Planning Committee will begin accepting applications for the Blogger Panel within the coming months.

The 5th Annual Plutus Awards Blogger Panel.

Thank you to everyone who served on the 5th Annual Plutus Awards Blogger Panel in 2014.

Michelle Schroeder, Making Sense of Cents Mark and Lauren Greutman
Joshua Sheats, Radical Personal Finance Maria Nedeva, The Money Principle
Glen Craig, Free From Broke Shannyn, Frugal Beautiful
Valerie Rind, Gold Diggers & Deadbeat Dads Eva Baker, Teens Got Cents
Crystal Stemberger, Budgeting in the Fun Stuff Bryan, Simple Financial Lifestyle
Gary Foreman, The Dollar Stretcher Jeff Rose, Good Financial Cents
Kyle Prevost, Young and Thrifty Peter, Bible Money Matters
Matt Giovanisci and Andrew Fiebert, Listen Money Matters Broke Millennial
Elle, Couple Money John Schmoll, Frugal Rules
Kay Bell, Don’t Mess With Taxes Jacob Wade, iHeartBudgets
Addison Cash, Cashville Skyline Sandy Smith, Yes I Am Cheap
Lance Cothern, Money Manifesto Kraig Mathias, Create My Independence
Robert Farrington, The College Investor Justin Bouchard, My University Money
Paula Pant, Afford Anything Julie Rains, Working to Live
Joe Saul-Sehy, Stacking Benjamins Andrea Amir, Smart Money Chicks
Sofia, Caviar and Quarters Michelle Jackson, Shop My Closet Project
Anne, Money Propeller Mel, Broke Rich Girl
Janine, My Pennies My Thoughts Travis Pizel, Enemy of Debt
Tahnya Kristina, DINKS Finance Rebecca Stapler, Stapler Confessions

The 5th Annual Plutus Awards: Recap

Another FinCon is in the books, along with another Plutus Awards. Each year, the Plutus Awards grows bigger, requiring the help of more volunteers, and featuring a more interesting show.This year, the Plutus Awards was the last event of FinCon, and it was an honor to close out the conference by recognizing some of the best of the personal finance blogosphere.Ashley Jacobs

We were sad to see Kevin McKee go as our emcee, but Ashley Jacobs from Wise Bread did a great job taking on the role. Not only that, but we received an encore of her rap skills from last year as she performed, live with Matt Giovanisci, the parody “Can’t Get Enough.” Matt’s performance was high energy, and a number of Plutus Awards audience members rushed to the front to dance in front of the stage. Because the music video was released ahead of time, the audience was prepared to sing along, and it was a lot of fun — and a great way to kick off the show.

Ashley was a great emcee, filling her role with poise and humor. The presenters were great as well, telling jokes and having fun on the stage. There were some great moments as winners came up to receive their trophies and collect their gift bags.

One of the great pleasures of the evening was to watch Jim Wang, the founder of Bargaineering, receive a Lifetime Achievement Award. Along with his fellow finalists, Jim has done a lot for the personal finance blogging community. He is one of the earliest personal finance bloggers and, even though he sold his site some time ago, Jim has remained active in the community, and continues to be involved in finance-related projects.

Lifetime Achievement

Another nice touch for the Plutus Awards was the “community updates” video shared by Ashley. Many of our peers have experienced changes in their lives this year. From weddings to childbirths to cross-country moves, life outside the blogosphere goes on. Sharing these moments, though, allows us to make deeper connections in the community, and that’s what the Plutus Awards ceremony is all about.

As the Awards show, which was sponsored by USAA, drew to a close, the anticipation built to see who would win the Blog of the Year and People’s Choice awards. Both of these are prestigious awards that many in the personal finance blogging community are interested in learning the results of. Blog of the Year went to Mr. Money Mustache. His unique brand of personal finance blogging has engendered rabid fans, and it’s no real surprise to that he won this award. The People’s Choice award is determined strictly by popular vote, and this year’s winner was Financial Mentor.

Blog of the Year

Overall, we’re pleased about the support from the personal finance blogging community, as well as the partnership with Philip Taylor and the entire FinCon crew. This is another one for the books, and we hope to see you all again next year.

Our official photographer for the evening was Kevin Cash from Phroogal. Check out his pictures from the ceremony below. In a few weeks, we’ll have videos from the night as well.

Thank You to Our Plutus Awards Volunteers!

There’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes at the Plutus Awards. We have a great team put together, and our Blogger Panel makes tough decisions.

However, with another Plutus Awards completed we want to acknowledge the hard work that goes on during the ceremony to make this even happen. We’d like to thank our volunteers who give their time and effort to help us make the Plutus Awards the great production that it is:

Host and Emcee: Ashley Jacobs

Entertainment: Matt Giovanisci

Audio/Visual: Justin Bufkin, Mike Delgado

Presenters: Stephanie Halligan, Stephanie Cameron, Eric Rosenberg, Wending Poling, J.D. Roth, Martin Dasko, Luke Landes, Scott Halliwell, Donna Freedman, Abby Freedman Perry, Kay Bell, Kylie Ofiu, David Weliver, Tom Drake, Jeff Rose

Stage Manager: Miranda Marquit

Assistant State Manager: Mel

Trophy Master: Paula Pant

Swag Master: Crystal Stemberger

Swag Assistants: Ashley Barnett, Joe TaxPayer

Live Tweeting: Sofia

Live Facebook: Rebecca Stapler

Stage Hands: Jacobe Wade, Shannyn Allen

Ushers: Maria Nedeva, Robert Farrington, Michelle Schroeder, Lance Cothern

Assistants/Runners: Joshua Sheets, Bryan

Photographer: Kevin

Floaters: Jim Wang, Glen Craig

Happy Hour Drink Tickets: Athena Lent, Jana Lynch, Mark Greutman, Lauren Greutman

Get Ready for the Fifth Annual Plutus Awards by Watching “Can’t Get Enough”

One of my favorite things about watching the Plutus Awards live is the excitement of the parody song. This year, though, our emcee, Ashley Jacobs from Wise Bread, has done something a little different. She’s working with Matt Giovanisci of Listen Money Matters to put together an entertaining show.

But instead of simply performing the song, Ashley and Matt are looking for audience participation. That’s right, you can be a part of the show by learning the #Plutus14 version of “Can’t Get Enough.”

Luckily, below, is a handy music video, put together by Matt, to help you on your way. Watch for cameos from bloggers you know, learn the words, and get ready for a great show at the Plutus Awards, live at FinCon in New Orleans on September 20, 2014.